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A-List Group Hug: Leo, Mel, Bradley, Halle, Jonah & Gerard Together in Miami

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Leonardo DiCaprio photo by Patrick McMullan

It was an A-list extravaganza in Miami this weekend as some of the most buzzed-about celebrities showed up in full force. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, now taking their bromance across state lines, have apparently extended the friendship to Bradley Cooper, Mel Gibson, Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez and Gerard Butler. Why were they all together? Unknown, but we got the juicy details of the whole trip (and a hint on who may have funded it).

Leo, Jonah, Gerard and Mel began their stay Thursday night at Berry’s fiancé Olivier Martinez’s restaurant, Villa Azur. The stars were part of a group of 30, which sources say also included a Saudi Prince. The actors partied from midnight until 3 a.m., indulging in meat and lobster salads. Gibson, who one restaurant source called, “a very funny guy,” was friendly when fans approached him and stuck to Diet Coke and Cappuccino (looking good on the sobriety front). DiCaprio, drinking Blue Label with one ice cube, was “a little more reserved” says the source. Butler was, “the most friendly” says our spy. The group on a whole remained tame, according to a fellow diner, “they only had one or two drinks each.”

DiCaprio and Hill, who recently co-starred in Martin Scorcese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, took a moment the next day for a more cultural excursion, enjoying a tour of the famous outdoor museum Wynwood Walls. A source shares that the actors, “were very friendly to everyone” and “were definitely real friends with each other.” The twosome specifically asked to see the unique Kenny Scharf airstream in the back of The Walls. The pair, dressed casually, signed a couple of autographs but didn’t want to take any pictures with fans.

Berry and Martinez, meanwhile, visited Villa Azur themselves Saturday evening where sources say the couple seemed, “really in love and romantic. They were hugging and kissing and he laughed a lot. They were very tender.” Berry ate a lobster appetizer, scallops for her main dish, and fruit for dessert. So, apparently, seafood is the key to the sickest body of our generation. One onlooker noted of Berry, “she looked amazing as always in a classy black dress.”


Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez, photo by Patrick McMullan

The boys club kept busy themselves that evening, spending the night restaurant hopping and partying into the wee hours at FDR at The Delano. The hipster club tweeted, “Mel Gibson, Leo DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper & Jonah Hill shutdown FDR tonite.” They were also spotted at Story and LIV.

To wrap up the weekend, the whole group had dinner Sunday night at Scarpetta. One diner, Sarah Kirkland, was lucky enough to be seated next to the party and explained to us what she saw. She says from the beginning, there was a group of 75 models surrounding their table. She was unsure if the models were involved with the group, but explains, “it almost felt like they were there to block the celebs.” Halle Berry arrived around 11 in a floor length jacket, with Martinez on her arm. She soon approached Gibson and, “she looked super happy to see him” Kirkland says. But Berry and Martinez didn’t stay long.

Next up was Bradley Cooper, who walked in around midnight wearing jeans and a baseball cap. “I wouldn’t have recognized him,” says Kirkland, “he was very casual, looked kind of like a fraternity guy!” Leo DiCaprio arrived ten minutes later and sat with Mel and Bradley. “Leo and Mel were deep in conversation the whole night,” declared Kirkland, “while Bradley was kind of looking around, scanning the room, not really involved with their conversation.” Later, Gerard Butler arrived as well.

Any love in the air for these A-list bachelors? Possibly. The girl sitting next to Leo had long, blond hair, and was very pretty, but Kirkland feels “they didn’t really interact” (pix of Leo have surfaced throughout the weekend with an unknown blonde). “It seemed like Mel was the one who brought everyone together. They all greeted him first,” she concludes.

Gibson and Butler were seen walking on the beach earlier in the day and according to a source, “he was exactly like you would think. He seemed very animated, you just notice him.”

So there you have it. Gorgeous A-list actors (and one actress), food, drinks, art and models. Pretty much what you’d expect. It seems DiCaprio, who was spotted partying on his yacht in Miami earlier this month, is serious about his recent pledge to take a break from acting!

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