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Being Beau Beasley: Drinking With The Stars From Miami To Berlin!

Marisela Cardenas, beau Beasley and sonja Morgan @ the mark restaurant by jean- George

Marisela Cardenas, Beau Beasley and Sonja Morgan @ The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the middle of February already! It has already been an action-packed month so far—starting with one of my best girlfriend’s baby shower on Fisher Island. Let’s just say, this was one of the CRAZIEST baby showers I’ve ever been to. There was a full bar, DJ, banquet tables decorated with Swarovski crystals, fresh flowers and endless amounts of food being prepared by the caterers. At one point, when the liquor kicked in, it turned into a full-blown house party with 45 SUPER liquored-up people. We ended up dancing on the marble dining room table in our Louboutin shoes to “Too Short!”

Seriously, we got so rowdy that the neighbors called the cops on us. When they showed up, we were like “Aaaweeee, HELLS NO, you can’t shut us down, it’s our girl’s baby shower AND it’s Super Bowl Sunday!” So we dragged them inside, and as they saw all of my HOT girlfriends, we proceeded to get them drunk!!! Hahaha. I swear, I LOVE my crew! Lois Alberty (the mommy to be) even boogied down, with her big belly and bottle of water in hand. She was the only one NOT drunk—obviously! Lol.

Later in the week, I had dinner at Catch with a couple New York clients and we got a little rowdy. Of course! Hello, when you’re with Beau Beasley, there’s no other way to be! Lol. Sitting across from us was Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. They did nothing but laugh throughout dinner and drank “Poseidon” specialty cocktails. Those bitches are strong, too. We continued the party at SL and Mokai and finally ended up after-partying at one of the W Hotel penthouses ‘til the wee hours of the morning!

That following night I hosted my weekly diner party at Villa Azur with my best friend Michelle Pooch and then moseyed over to Jelsomino for cabaret night. A couple hours later, I found myself at an exclusive house party on Star Island. I mean, can I just say, those Arabs really know how to do it! LOL. There were about 300 people in this house, three different rooms with about five different DJs and a laser light show done by the “walking light-man.” The sound system was akin to something you would find at DC-10 (a bad-ass nightclub in Ibiza). There were go-go dancers, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING and, of course, blackout windows. When I finally left, I did the walk of shame. Oy vey! Thank goodness, they had a driver take me home. I didn’t even realize that I had been there for four hours. I ended up getting home at 7 a.m.

BTW, can we just be real for a minute and talk about the things that REALLY bother us? I mean seriously!!!!! What lady has the right to look in the mirror and say, “Wow, I look amazing!” when she’s wearing a cheesy print spandex dress that’s two sizes too small and has SHRIMP COCKTAIL going on? And you know what I mean when I say SHRIMP COCKTAIL? It’s also known as Cliff Hangers! When the girl’s feet are waaaaay too big for their shoes and their toes hang off the front edge. I mean really??? Jesussss! LOL. And how about the girls in clubs with their shoes off!? I mean, really??? So gross! Go back to the trailer park! Miami is off limits for you girls!

Moving right along, that following week, I flew up to NYC to do a client consultation and stayed at The Mark Hotel on the Upper East Side.   That hotel is MAAAAJOR! Great rooms, great vibe and the scene at that bar is a force to be reckoned with!  My best friend Sonja Morgan (from the Real Housewives of New York) popped up to meet me for drinks and dinner, after she attended the Femmy Awards. As I waited for her, fashion designer and wedding dress guru Vera Wang walked in, who, I have to say, must have had a bad day at the office. She looked pretty busted. Lol. Plus, Patrick Demarchelier, the world-renowned celebrity photographer, whom I’ve met a few times before with my girl Joanna Krupa (from the Real Housewives of Miami). And Ivana Trump draped in diamonds, of course. She must have had AT LEAST 200 carats on. Why couldn’t she have dropped a necklace, earring, bracelet or something??? I’d be set for life! Haha.

Michael Michalsky , beau Beasley and Michelle Anselmo at liberate in Berlin

Michael Michalsky, Beau Beasley and Michelle Anselmo at Liberate in Berlin.

BTW, another pet peeve of mine is people having dirty nails and chapped lips! All it takes is a $15 quick-fix manicure from the Asian place around the corner and you’re set for the week. Or you can do them yourself: Grab a $3 nail clipper and clean those thaaaaangs up! Annnnnnnd grab a tube of Chapstick on the way out! There are NO excuses people—and this goes for the GUYS too! NO EXCUSES! What are some of your pet peeves? Leave me a comment below.

This past weekend I was in Berlin visiting my fashion designer friend Michael Michalsky with my BFF Michelle Anselmo. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, and we thought it would be fab to get away and party it up in a place where we haven’t been together. She’s my travel buddy and I miss her like crazy since she moved to London two years ago. It really goes to show that when you’re a part of a FABULOUS ring of friends, the world is super small. Because as I was checking into the Soho House Berlin, I turned to my right and saw my television producer friend Andrew Stern from Los Angeles. Never a dull moment, I tell ya. He said he and one of HIS girlfriends decided to book a last minute trip to get away. The four of us ended up hanging out the entire weekend.

The first night we chatted away and sipped on specialty cocktails in the private club on the 7th floor. Toward the end of the night, Andrew and his BFF Lisel Taylor called it a night as Michelle and I decided to have just one more cocktail. Five minutes later, George Clooney sat in front of us and literally started talking to us. We were shocked that he was so friendly. He was in town filming a movie and his character is an Irish man, so he was speaking to us in character and went by the name of Jeremy. Michelle and I told him, “That’s not an Irish accent dude. You really need to work on it a little more.” LOL. We all started laughing, exchanged numbers and called it a night.

Michelle Anselmo, Lisel Taylor, Adam stern and beau Beasley shopping in Berlin

Michelle Anselmo, Lisel Taylor, Andrew Stern and Beau Beasley shopping in Berlin.

The next day, we shopped at the “Gallery am Potsdamer Platz,” where the Michalsky boutique is located, and then all along “Kurfürstendamn,” where all of the high-end boutiques are like Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Phillip Plein and our all time favorite, Hermes! We bunkered up at Hermes for two hours. Their selection is like no other store in the U.S. We asked to see their secret inventory of silver and gold belt buckles and were STUNNED at the sight. You would have thought we were looking at the Holy Grail. Hahahahaha. Michelle snapped a picture of all of us looking at the “secret stash” and tagged it, “Deliberating.” I walked away with a fabulous denim/leather hat and an array of multi colored belts and buckles. LOVES IT!  #hermesvault #gagatthestash #dontbejelly!

That night we dined at Borchardt, and then met up with Michael and some local friends at Libertie. From there it was on to the newest hotspot Trust. We finally ended up at the ever-so-famous 24-hr club Berghain. It’s been in existence for 20 years. Wow! This place is seriously the most hard-core, insanely, indescribably, underground club that I’ve EVER been to in my life!!!! Think of Studio 54 back in the day. That’s what people compare it to. I can’t even write about what I saw going on in this place. It’s THAT crazy, but AMAZINGLY fun. Google it and see for yourself.

The next day, we got up around 4 p.m.! I had to send Michelle off to the airport. I was a sad sad panda—but at least I had the company of my “new friend” Marc.  :) He took me to this super cozy, super trendy, socialite spot called Grill Royale. It sits on the water and is super chic. As we finished our light fare, I spotted Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough walking toward the coat check, hand in hand. We chatted a bit and they exited swiftly out from a side door. We headed back to the Soho Haus for a few Grey Goose gimlets and to do a weekend recap with Andrew and Lisel.

Now, I’m back in Miami planning my next exciting adventure and wondering what crazy happenings will occur this week. There’s never a dull moment in my life—that’s why I love “Being Beau Beasley.”

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  1. Elizabeth Pritchard

    You made my entire day= On the floor laughing about the shrimp Cocktail and cliff hangers. Never stop ‘Being Beau Beasley’.
    I am always in Miami and NYC- let’s plan a reunion ( hah 10 years ).

    I have to send you some EP LIFESTYLE products for your travels.

    I am redefining beauty as it’s known today-Naturally ! You will love my brands – TATA HARPER ( amazing results ), RAHUA ( hair ), PRTTY PEAUSHUN ( super sexy ),I LOVE MY MUFF ( has to be pampered too), ILIA beauty ( lips lips lips ), KAHINA-GIVING BEAUTY (outstanding ), SOLIEL ORGANIQUE( the Lancaster of Natural sun care), BARELOVE beauty, SPRAY DI SOLE ( seriously the best self tanner on the market ), VAPOUR BEAUTY, GOA COSMETICS ( very sensual ), LA BELLA FIGURA, SOAPWALLA ( best deodorant ) and MAX+( my NBF = best LED laser on the market ).

    Stay in touch.


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