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Being Beau Beasley: Veni Vidi Vici Vail!

Beau Beasley, Shane Schmutz, Elliot Monter and Elizabeth Brady

Beau Beasley, Shane Schmutz, Elliot Monter and Elizabeth Brady in Vail.


I love flying into Eagle/Vail airport and being picked up by the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail. This amazing ski lodge is home to the best of the best like A Rod, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong, The Real Housewives of Miami‘s Joanna Krupa, Michelle Obama, Thievery Corporation—and the celeb list continues! Being a GOLD member and all, there are many perks. I feel like I own the place!

Actually, I’ve been an honorary Vail local for about seven years. I’m literally there every four weeks during ski season. I walk in to every lounge, bar, restaurant or hotel and am greeted with, “BEAU IS BACK!!!!!!!” And I always respond with a “Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” and a high-pitched squeal, of course. And a “we are the champions” kind of two-arms-in-the-air fist pump. Annnnnd then I proceed to order shots for the whole place! I actually think I INVENTED bottle service in Vail.

You can buy a bottle of Rose Moët champagne at Samana Lounge for about $110 and a magnum bottle of Moët for around $300. That’s unheard of in Miami. Needless to say, I’m pretty spoiled in this city. I’m now one of three regular black people in the city and almost invested three million dollars to open up a club. And now I’m on the Ceremonies Committee for the 2015 International World Championship Ski Races. Hollaaaaaaaa!

When I got to Vail last week, it was an invigorating -18 degrees. Let’s just say I called it a spa day for two days. I’m not one to torture myself to get a couple runs in. The epic pass (www.epicmix.com) is the best, though. You ski when you please and have no blackout dates.

elizabeth brady on the gondola

Beau and Elizabeth on the Gondola.

When I think of Vail, I think of posh, fun, sophisticated, rich people who like to get together and have a blast. And that’s what we do. We literally turn that town upside down! I think some people’s ski wardrobes are worth more than the price of a Mini Cooper. The ensembles, boots, hats, ski suits and goggles alone can pay for food for a family if 10!

Beau’s Recommendations For Having Fun in Vail:

* The Kings Club at the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail. The live entertainment and drinks are amaze. After about four Blueberry Muffins, you’re sure to be feeling fancy. (The cocktail combines Stoli Blueberry, Frangelico and Baileys.)

* Russell’s Steakhouse. The Alaskan King crab legs are the best in town. You get about three pounds worth and they are worth every penny.

* Samana Lounge. It’s a basement type club and a little on the dark side, but the staff, décor and music are awesome—especially on Mondays. I think I’ve had about five dance-offs every night that I go there—as well as “shot-off’s.” My favorite shots to buy are the “Rainbow Shots.” I have no clue what’s in them but they’re damn good. Just ask for Shareef when you get there and tell him Beau sent you!

* The George. If you don’t need your phone, this is the place to go for a late night drink. One: because you don’t get phone service and Two: because you’ll get too hammered to even know how to use your phone. When you order a double drink or a shot, you basically need a funnel to take it down. And coming from someone like me, that’s major. Lol. Kudos!

* Luca Bruno/DUE. These are the ONLY shopping destinations to hit up in VAIL. The high-end designer brands they carry and the customized men’s shirts are beyond fabulous!

* Bistro 14 at the top of the Loinshead Gondola. CJ the Bar Manager is the best. He’s from DC but has been in Vail for quite sometime. The view, the food and the drinks are stupendous! The best time to go is around 3 p.m. and wait till the mountain closes, which is usually around 4 p.m. Then you have full rein of the slopes and can go as fast as you want. But BEWARE: Don’t let the altitude fool you. You can still break a bone, or two or three. Knock on wood, I haven’t—but those liquor goggles can get a little steamy and cloudy at times!

* Eye Pieces. The best selection for sunglasses, hands down! Chrome Hearts, Dita, Cartier and Tom Ford. Enough said!

On another note, can we just talk about the new Blackberry 10 that’s coming out? I mean, wow, I’m already addicted. Super sleek and new technology! No wonder the stock went UP 3 dollars in the past two weeks! I’m a diehard Blackberry user ‘til the END, just sayin!

I love you, love life and love Being Beau Beasley!

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  1. beau , you invested 3 million dollars to open a club ?
    what club ???

  2. Fab article sweets!! I will try to read them all from now on..
    xoxo love you

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