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Top Chef: Miami’s Nina Compton Has Made It To The Finale


The Finale Four: Louis, Nina, Shirley and Nick in Hawaii. @Bravo

First there were 19. Now there are only two. I’m talking about Top Chef contestants on the latest season of Bravo’s foodie-centric reality show. The final two are Nick Elmi and Nina Compton, who is the Chef de Cuisine at Scarpetta at The Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach.

Compton has distinguished herself since the first episode aired back in early October. She even won the show’s opening Elimination Challenge with her Curried Turtle Meatball With Chayote Slaw. Since then, the St. Lucia native has emerged as a stellar contestant, impressing the judges with her homemade pastas and knack for imbuing tropical flavors into her dishes.

Last night’s episode moved the action from New Orleans to Hawaii, where Nina competed alongside Nick, Shirley Chung and Last Chance Kitchen winner Louis Maldonado. Shirley and Louis, both fan favorites, were, unfortunately, sent to the chopping block in a double elimination. (But not before our plucky chefs had to hurdle through a Spam challenge for the Quickfire. Gross!)

Next Wednesday, February 5, Nina and Nick will go head-to-head to win the title of Top Chef and $125,000. Their styles are very different, with Nina’s deft hand with spices and tropical flavors and Nick’s knack for overcomplicating (and underseasoning) his dishes. Obviously, I’m #TeamNina!

Clearly, she is excited as I am. Ok, perhaps more. On her FB page, she just wrote: “What a crazy, stressful, emotional challenge closer to the finale, but made it! Thanks focus, support and love from my fans, could not do it without you.”

Congrats to our hometown girl! Make us proud next week!

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Oh, how far they’ve come. Nina is on the far left. @Bravo



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  1. Nina you are the best, good luck!!!!

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